John’s Tool Set

John’s Tool Set

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EagTac D25LC2, for tabletop projects and detail work on larger shoots. John uses this light for virtually every one of his light painting projects. Highly recommended for the workshop, along with the diffusers and adapter below.

These two items are from Harold Ross, one of John's light painting mentors. The diffusers beautifully soften the light from the EagTac D25LC2 (above). The .9" adapter connects the diffuser to the flashlight. Both are necessary for light painting smaller objects.

Godox LC 500 light wand. John uses this on all his larger projects (autos, motorcycles, airplanes, etc.). A recommended tool for all light painters.

SunPak 160-2 handheld LED light. Very useful for tabletop projects and lighting in small places inside autos, detail work on motorcycles, etc. This is a must-have light for any light painting project, large or small.

Savage Edge Lit Mini This light throws a very soft, even light and is used in a wide variety of light painting situations. It provides a soft catchlight for glass and metal objects, and also can be used for detail work on automobiles and motorcycles.

Stanley FatMax LED spotlight. Illuminates objects far away, such as treelines, roofs, buildings, etc.

Fiilex AL250 LED light for unmanned aircraft (drones). High powered yet lightweight light for use when distance, height or remoteness preclude handheld lighting. This is a relatively expensive specialty light that John uses only on occasion, but in certain situations (such as light painting roofs or tree lines) it is the perfect tool.

Pluto Trigger. Trigger your camera from your smartphone or tablet. Allows shooting with the Bulb setting, something that many wireless triggers don't do (and is necessary for light painting). If you already have a camera remote, make sure it works on the Bulb setting (so you can open the shutter without having to set a predetermined time). If it doesn't, the Pluto Trigger is a good solution.